Home of the “ best pimento cheese in Houston ” according to The Houston Press and the “ judges favorite ” pimento cheese from My Table magazine.    According to “ customers gushed over it to no end. ” The Houston Chronicle warns its readers “ don't miss the triple ginger cookies. ” And The Ultimate Food Lover's Guide to Houston says that Words and Food has “ the best ready to eat food anywhere. ”

Words & Food offers much more than pimento cheese. Freshly made soups, fantastic citrusy hummus, egg salad, and other down home good entrees. All products are hand crafted and made in small batches with great care and quality ingredients. Local produce and farm fresh eggs are used. Why cook when you can microwave Janice's incredible food?


Farmers Market at Rice UniversityHouston Farmers Market was the first farmers market in Houston certified by the state of Texas. Tuesdays on Rice University Campus from 3:30 to 6:30 PM. The Tuesday Market is located in the parking lot south of Rice Stadium, University Blvd near Montclair. Parking in the lot at Entrance 9 or in the Greenbriar Lot, entrances 13A and 13B.

Houston Dairy MaidsUrban Harvest Farmers Market. On Saturday the market is open from 8:00 am until noon - be like a regular, bring a canvas bag, carry small bills, and get there early . Located just north of the intersection of Richmond and Eastside and behind an office building. Eastside has a stoplight and it's in between Kirby and Buffalo Speedway.

Farmhouse DeliveryFarmHouse Delivery can supply our Pimento Cheese in the familiar 8 ounce container. Farmhouse Delivery Farm Members enjoy weekly or biweekly bushels of local fruits and vegetables - delivered to their home or office - and have the option of ordering additional locally sourced food (e.g. organic eggs, meat, dairy products, bread and artisanal cheese). Unlike traditional Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) programs, Farmhouse Delivery sources its food from many farms, guaranteeing that each bushel contains a unique assortment of the freshest local produce. 512.389.2083

Houston Dairy MaidsGreenling Organic Delivery Houston will deliver our Pimento Cheese in the familiar 8 ounce container. Greenling is a unique concept, a twist on the early-internet days of supermarket delivery that fell by the wayside. Greenling meets today's food consumer needs better, with its focus on sustainability and organic products from local farms such as you would find at farmer's markets. 512.440.8449

Revival marketRevival Market stocks our Pimento Cheese. Fresh batches delivered every Thursday. Ryan Pera and Stacey and Morgan Weber are doing it right in the Heights. They offer fresh foods sourced from local farmers, ranchers, cheese makers and food artisans as well as a wide array of seasonally-inspired prepared foods, charcuterie, and house-made staples like vinegar, pickles and jams. 550 Heights Blvd at White Oak, 713.880.8463.

Houston Dairy MaidsHouston Dairy Maids carries our Pimento Cheese in the familiar 8 ounce container. Fresh batches delivered every Thursday. Houston Dairy Maids is a Houston cheese shop that meets artisan American cheesemakers, learns about their craft and brings the best of their products to you. They look for cheeses naturally made by hand and, when possible, from unpasteurized milk. Houston Dairy Maids, 2201 Airline Dr, Houston, TX 77009, 713.880.4800.



  • pimento cheese
  • lemony hummus
  • egg and basil salad
  • lemon basil chicken salad
  • green (no mayo) chicken salad
  • thai coconut ginger soup


  • shredded pork and tomatillo stew
  • chicken sausage okra gumbo
  • chicken spaghetti salad
  • thai ginger coconut chicken soup
  • my opa's crumb cake
  • lovely lasagna
  • chicken and dumplings

Hope to see you at a farmers’ market real soon!

Quilting Workshops and Lectures

Quilting at MISA
In her most recent lecture series Janice reveals all about her quilt making journey from the hand piecing techniques learned in Brisbane, Australia to the fanciful, whimsical cheeseburger, pizza, and cupcake quilts. She will walk you through the design process for these unique quilts, providing construction tips along the way.

Pizza quiltCupcake quiltIn addition to lectures Janice is available to teach either a one-day Pizza Quilt class or a two-day Cupcake Quilt class.

Contact Janice for availabilty and fees. 713.240.3256 or

Words, Quilts, and Other Stuff

Fish Quilt

posted 24 December 2014

Latest Project

This "Find-the-Fish" quilt was inspired by a class taught by Dianne Hire that I took in the spring. The class was sponsored by the Quilt Guild of Greater Houston. Roll your cursor over the image to the left to see additional detail.

Heart Quilt

posted 04 December 2014

Meet Janice Schindeler and Her Quilts / Gail Garber Designs

"As I have said before, I meet the most wonderful people in quilting classes, many of whom turn out to be my best friends — friends that last a lifetime! Such was the case when I met Janice Schindeler, at Quilting Adventures in Kerrville, TX, back in 2009. It was clear from the beginning that Janice marched to her own drummer! And, I surely did love the tune that she tapped out. This is her quilt from that workshop." Gail Garber
Roll your cursor over the image to the right to see additional detail.

Ann G Quilt

posted 04 December 2014

Feelin' Snappy! Artist Janice Schindeler / Mary Lou Weidman

"I was lucky enough to have a student from Houston who we all loved-she was a hoot and her style and talent was really wonderful! She is fast and fabulous and has a great sense of color and whimsy. She makes Pimento cheese (The Best!) and sells it at a Farmers' Market in Houston and she is just all around fun as she knows alot about alot of things. My whole class was this way at Asilomar this year! SO fun! The quilt here is what she did in my workshop and this is less than a month's work after she took it. It still had a little more work to go but not much and it looks just like Ann from Denmark who took the class also. Very fun!" Mary Lou Wiedman

Burger Quilt

posted 10 Sep 2011

Greater Houston Quilt Guild's Quilt Show Janice's entry in the Greater Houston Quilt Guild's quilt show won second prize in the 3D quilt category.

Reading Terminal

posted 13 February 2010

Cooks Tour - a dining blog with Alison Cook - After visiting Reading Terminal in Philadelphia, Cook "... fantasized about the prepared foods that would tempt Houstonians and show the world the genius of our Gulf Coast melting pot cuisine. Let's face it, nobody's going to visit Houston for our scenery, but they just might visit for our fabulous food." Cook's view of Houston's Reading Terminal included this comment - "Words and Food by Janice Schindeler would dispense everything from soups to the world's yummiest pimento cheese."

Pizza Quilt

posted 20 Oct 2009

Cooks Tour - a dining blog with Alison Cook -

"I am so taken by my friend Janice Schindeler's hand-made pizza quilt that I just had to show it to you. It's a Houston food-world classic that comes with detachable toppings--mushrooms, at the moment, soon to be joined by slices of pepperoni."



Janice Schindeler, the energy behind the delicious products from Words and Food, has been a member of the Houston food scene since the late 1970s. Janice started as hostess and line cook at the original Ouisie's on Sunset, was a locum tenens cook for 120 Portland, made desserts for Bono's and River Cafe, was food editor for Houston Home and Garden, wrote restaurant reviews for the Houston Press, was cuisine editor for Ultra, was the food editor for the Houston Post, survived being dragged overseas for her partner's work, contributed a chapter on Texas food for America A Culinary Journey, wrote occasional columns for Country Home magazine, put out a couple editions of Family Circle's Light and Easy magazine, was food editor for the Chronicle, was restaurant critic for Houston Modern Luxury, writes from time to time for My Table magazine, and .............

But her encounters with food started even earlier than her arrival to Houston. "I lived in a tent and cooked over a campfire for a summer, worked and lived and ate steamed veggies and brown rice daily at a tropical fish farm commune in west Miami, survived a trip around America in a 1952 Chevy van (with the aid of an old Coleman stove), and was crowned apple-pie-baking princess of Mount Gretna."

Food Lovers

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